Saturday, 26 March 2016


Mamma! It's time.... Hurry up,will make a move. I will check out for a cab. You finish of with your getting - ready phase soon Mom! ready kiddo.... Finally, both came out to rock the city. Eventually this doubt peeps out when they step outside together. Who are these lovely ladies?! But the fact is that they are representatives of older and modern generation though the gap is bridged with their obvious outfit and appearance. Mamma quotes to Celine that feel good of your ancestral background and gene factor. Celine giggles out of pride. That very day wasn't an exception too. They were keenly watched for their similar smile and ducky walk which Celine inherited as a matter of fact from her Mom.

So,where are you taking me kiddo? asked Mercy for the very first time after fifteen days of rush and push from Celine.
Mamma!!!! You promised me remember?! so no more questions.
Mercy finally forced herself to get distracted with the sound system of the cab. Seeing Mom in such a confused state Celine was taken aback. She convinced herself with soothing words. Just some more time. Stay relaxed. Don't create any scene and spoil the moment. Mamma can take it. Yes,she can. What a woman is she?! Celine's thoughts reached beyond the horizon. It's taken from her and what's the point of giving it to her without any destructive changes.No,set your mind tuned. Do I really wanna do this?! Yeah,I should!  But why should I?! When there are infinite already involved as volunteers! Simple because you are your Mamma's darling kiddo. Replica of herself. No point in cross examining the negative thoughts often. Fix it to set things fixed. All these thoughts crossed her mind within fraction of seconds. She just peeped outside the cab window,inhaled the fresh morning air and blossomed with a contented smile. As she turned to Mamma,she was all clearly confused though excited about the day's surprise which Celine planned almost for eight months to fix it. Finally..... Mamma showered a smile seeing Celine which almost gave a thorough excitement within for the poor little girl. Yes!!!!  This is the moment. This is exactly what I dreamed of. I should execute this. All this was the answer to Mercy's smile.

As the cab parked,Celine was in her heels. She can't hold back the factor of surprising Mamma. But, Mercy was all eager and confused. Why is she so very excited?! I haven't seen her in full swing merry like this?! Is she okay?! What might that be?! Thoughts just gushed out in Mercy's mind.
Mamma, shall we?! Yeah was the striking reply. Realizing what she missed to query, Mercy recollected herself. Meanwhile where are we kiddo?! Why don't you reveal it,cm'on. Mamma, I said no queries. Celine just winked saying so. O-k-a-y! They almost walked covering two fourth of the avenue. Mercy was completely shocked.

The front side of the store was locked and Celine tried to get access to it. Seeing Celine performing all these tasks on her own,Mercy thought how come she act so matured?! She is not so actually. Is she in any underground dealing, Oh God, rescue my daughter if she is involved in any. All the while Celine got into that small shop, collected the bunch of tulips and closed the front door again. Mercy was clear enough now by seeing the fresh tulips. Yes, she gonna introduce me to her boyfriend. 
Mamma! Shall we walk a little further?! Could you join with me eh?! 
Yeah,why not?! a stern reply from Mercy.

They tiptoed together in same rhythm but with different beats. One was calm and contented whereas the other was pulsing heavily. At last the moment arrived to put an end to all this with a new start. Yes, for Celine it was a dream come true moment. She introduced her Mom to her set of new pals whom she gained as a token of love for the service that she provides all through Boston. All young, charismatic ladies surrounded Mercy. Mercy was taken aback. But who are these bunch?! Why are they reacting as if seeing a Hollywood star?!  Celine was treated so that very day. It's because all these cancer patients were made happy and cheerful by the domestic set up that Celine provides as part of her job. Tulips were handed over to the strong willed ladies including Mercy.

What could make the moment prettier than seeing all strong ladies praising her darling kiddo.Wishing her all happiness for the service that she provides. For the way she is! 

Mercy met with Celine's eyes directly. Celine couldn't express anything nor could Mercy. 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

இன்னதென்று அறியா
நிரம்பிய இடம் எனில்
வலி இல்லை
ஏக்கம் இல்லை
ஏக்கம் தாங்கிய
தாக்கம் இல்லை - இல்லை
நிலை இல்லை!

இன்னதென்று அறியா
நிரம்பிய இடம் எனில்
உவகை என்னும்
ஆர்பரிக்கும் உச்ச
நிலை இல்லை!

இன்னதென்று அறிய
இல்லை என்ற ஒன்றும்,
இருப்பில் இருக்கும் ஒன்றும்
கலந்திட திடம் கொணர்ந்து
வெற்றிடம் போக்கி
மனம் செய்
மனித மனமே!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

ஆட்கொள்ளும் இடமொன்று

ஆட்கொள்ளும் இடமொன்று
புத்தகத்தில் ஏதோ
ஒரு பாகமோ,
ஒரு லயமோ,
ஓவியத்தில் புதைந்திருக்கும்
ஒரு காதலோ,
என்று  - அங்கேயே
சென்று தொலைந்தேன் !
தொலைந்து தெளிந்தபிறகு
ஆட்கொள்ளும் இடமொன்று
தனிமையின் நிழல் என்று !
தேடி தொலைவதா,
தொலைந்து தேடுவதா
என்ற(று) பயணம்
சற்றே நீள்கிறது !

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


 Let me be the


To conceive

The silence

That kills

The pain

That screams within!

Let me be the


To innovate

The noise

That heals

The scars

In the heart!

Let me be the 


To blend

With the 

Noise and Silence!

Let me be the


To blend

The Me

Within and Without!

Let me be the


To blend

The Known and the Unknown

Of me!

Let me be the


To blend

The Angel and the Demon

That is in me!!!!

Monday, 25 May 2015


நேரத்தின் மீதான தீராக்காதல்!


 யாருக்காகவும் நான் மாறேன்




அழுத்தம் கொண்டு


 ம் வரும் உன்னை - ஏனோ 


காதலிக்காமல் இருக்க முடிவதில்லை !

Thursday, 26 February 2015



You dwell

     In the far reach

  Of my mind - 


The worlds of 

Heaven and Hades

Gained the nurse

  Of yours.

Praise thee....

DANTE chirped


The Muse : a goddess that inspires a creative artist,especially a poet.

Dante : Durante degli Alighieri, major Italian Poet,famous for his Divine Comedy.

Sunday, 26 October 2014


 If modernism is defined by the outfit which the individual prefer(basically the comfort level:P), sorry that doesn't comes under the lot. 

If it's in the language one opt with, sorry it's just a medium to covey one's own thoughts regardless of language bias.

 If it's in the intake of food which an individual prefer, sorry it's just the delicious wish.

So,where does modernism begin?!!!!
Well,it's in the minds of the individuals which seek for clarity within and amid others(needn't be judgmental indeed:P). 

To give the icing effect to this huge term Modernism,getting just exposed to modern society doesn't mean that one just equip all the necessity that comes under the umbrella term MODERNISM... 
The balanced proportion in the thinking process shows one's ability to reach the zenith.. It comes with the intense and wide spread knowledge nor with the parameters that one has towards the exposure stuff... 

Though the society works under certain norms and criteria,the modern working system of an individual questions,rebels and at last put forth the effective system that the modern thinking minds is in exact need of.

There do prevail a prejudiced thought that modern people,i mean,modern thinkers ignore these facts,but why shouldn't that be a flaw? Will the free flowing thoughts in the minds of the modern thinkers be allowed to flow with it's gush further????

 Key-terms: Modern society,Modernism, Broad thinking Process.

PS: Nothing INTENTIONAL.. just a step to keep the rusting brains to serve it's bio(logical) purpose:P

Impact: Neeya Naana,a talk show in Vijay TV(a Tamil channel).